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Aprons for Kitchy Craft Aprons

The most wonderful thing about an apron is that you can look dressed up in your crumbiest jeans.

I've been playing with the neck loop at the top. There are pix below to show choices. Also I've been playing with the pockets. They can be either single off to the side or a swath of three across the apron. Your decision.

Questions or to order email Grandma@GrandmaRae.com
Simple Fun Aprons - $19.50. Classic shape for Craft or Kitchen. These aprons are lined. If you wanted to you could reverse it and wear the backside out. Aprons are medium sized (12); however I will adjust to your size at no extra charge. Just let me know what you need. 
Oh my goodness! I had such fun making these aprons. Two different Christmas Tea Parties. Hurrah! Oh what fun it is to have a Christmas Tea!

Recap of Apron Info:

You may choose your fabric and add Teapot Buttons if you'd like.

The apron is about 22 1/2" wide where the ties meet.

Each tie is about 34" long

The apron is 30" long from the flat seam at the chest to the bottom

Instead of the simple neck detail shown above at the Christmas Tea Parties, you can choose one of the other choices shown below.

This one has Velcro on one end of the neck loop that sticks to a corresponding piece on the top. I didn't put the button on the end of the tab for the pix so you could see the setup.

The apron has a side to side three pocket arrangement. The face is blue with words of encouragement.  The back fabric is pink and red hearts on cream.

Here's another pix: This apron has Two Ties so that you can adjust the top. 

The fabric is one of my favorites - Recipe snippets with pink and yellow flowers with streamers on the back.

In the third pix the apron has a D-Ring so  you can adjust the top.

The fabric of this one is one of Mary Engelbreit's Cup of Kindness fabrics with a bright yellow backside fabric.

Here are a few more samples to give you ideas...

D-Ring on strap

Velcro on strap

Neck Ties

Questions or to order email Grandma@GrandmaRae.com