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How to make a Log Cabin Design Mug Matt/Trivet

Log Cabin/ Blue & Yellow

Log Cabin/from Scraps
Log Cabin Design is fun to use because it can be easily changed. The quilts shown here are made with a centered square and all logs of the same width.

However...if you offset the square, change the widths of the logs you will give the Log Cabin a different look. Have fun!

The beige floral fabric you see is the backing I like to sew the pieces onto. While this is not necessary I like the stability this piece of cloth gives to the shape. 

I've begun with a 2 1/2" square (You an begin with any dimension.) The strip of yellow cloth is 2" by 2 1/2" (Also you can make it thinner or wider.) Sew face to face. Flip open and "finger press." 

Here you see the second log. 2" by the distance needed. As you can tell from the photo, the first yellow log has been pressed back and the second log is lined up with the edge of the square. Don't be concerned by the bit of fabric sticking out to the right of the presser foot. It won't create a problem.

As you can see I've pinned the fabric in place preparing to sew. Once you feel confident enough, you'll just zip, zip, zip along without pins.

Now you've finished the two beginning logs, it's time to add the second fabric. (If you are making a quilt or Mug Mat from scraps, all your fabrics may be different.) I've chosen a bright pattern to accentuate the logs.

Since I am showing the Log Cabin in it's simplest way, I am using two colors for the logs, an accent in the center and using all logs of the same width. 

Continue along as you have begun until to reach the size you desire.  

The finished size of this example will be 9 5/8" square. If you are making a Mug Mat you will most likely want it smaller. This is easily accomplished by scaling down the center and log sizes or by not using as many logs.

Assembly; stack batting on top of a heat proof fabric or lining fabric, then put fabric for Mug Mat back face up followed by finished quilt square design on top. Sew around, turn at an open seam space, press and close.

You can either machine or hand stitch at the seams to give the Mug Mat/Trivet a more substantial feel.

Finished photo shown below.

Order what you need to have fun...  Email