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I purchase fabrics thru wholesalers who carry various manufacturers.

If you have a question about a fabric, please ask. I'm happy to help.

Here are some names: 

Robert Kaufman
Henry Glass
Timeless Treasurers
Michael Miller
Lakehouse Drygoods
Studio E

Sewing Fun...Tea Design Fabrics are $3.00/yard
I've begun to put in my 2019 Tea Fabric order and I need more shelf space. Fabrics close to the end of the bolt are noted. Thank you for the help.

 All fabrics are 100% cotton, 42" wide.

Questions or to place an order

Dancing Teatime

Dancing Teatime 2

Teapots w/Roses on Black

Hanging Tea Mugs

Larger Harlequin Group Pattern

Harlequin Cups on Black (2 1/2 Yards)

Pink Roses with Gold Foliage

Tea Words on Butterscotch (2 yards)

Teatime - Raspberry Background

Teatime - Green Background

Geranium #1

Geranium #2 (about 2 yards)

Bright Pink Posies on Black

Tea Cups 1" tall & 1 1/2" wide

Tea Cups 1" tall & 1 1/2" wide

Tea Cups 1" tall & 1 1/2" wide

Quilting News 

Tea &Coffee
Have quite of bit of this 

Geometric #1 (about 2 yards)

Geometric #2 (about 2 yards)


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