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Welcome to Grandma Rae's Sewing Room

When you place an order with me I sew it here in my sewing room over the kitchen. As you can see, I use a simple sewing machine, not a huge commercial beast. I placed my sewing machine next to the window so that I would have something lovely to look at when I rest my eyes. I've got my three tier scrap basket behind me and the wonderful ironing board my husband made me. Do you see the blue shelf on the wall with samples hanging from it? That was a step from my neighbor's old back porch. They had thrown it out for clean up day. I just love the color! I used lamp tops for hooks. The old sewing machine stand for my machine (the top is new) is from another neighbor's trash. You just never know what you'll find.

Next is my "Sit and Sew" area. That's an electric fireplace between the chair and the settee. (Yes, you guessed it. Both pieces were out on the curb on clean up day.) You can see the ceiling line, and how the roof pitches down in this area. I think it's rather cozy, especially with the quilt slip covers. I bring my little pot of tea and I'm set. Do you see that little oil painting over the fireplace? I swapped a budding artist (10 year old) for a lap quilt she liked. It's a sweet painting of a house on a hill with lots of flowers around it. Who knows? Maybe someday she will be famous.

The picture of the fabric closet on the left was taken before the Tea in Texas feature story (2010). When I compared it with the photo next to it, taken late 2008/early 2009, I was shocked. Oh my word! I have quite a selection of fabrics. Sometimes good things happen slowly, when you're hardly looking. Now (2017) I have more shelves for fabric along the side wall. The pix of the shelves is after Dolly's photo. 

Hello Dolly! She's the mannequin my husband made for my apron pictures. She is pink on one side and purple on the other. Isn't her flip hair-do wonderful? As you can tell from the pictures, my cutting table (Someone was throwing out a perfectly good dining room table!) is in the center of the room. The table next to dolly (Who throws away a vintage enamel top table with hinged extensions?) is my "Drop Off" area. Incoming boxes that need to be sorted end up here.

After Christmas (2010) my husband installed some new shelving for me. My goodness, what a difference they made! I feel so organized! All of my button jars are on the top shelf. The next two shelves are samples of all sorts of tea things and baskets of pre-made Friendship Tea Bags, Tea Wallets and Cozies. Now (2017) the bottom shelf is stacked with fabric. I tucked in that little lamp. I just love that sweetie! On the floor is a line up of work baskets. When orders come in they are assigned a basket. It helps me keep customer orders organized. The plastic unit next to the shelves is where I keep my patterns. I really tidied up for the photo.

This is Sarah Jane. Don't look for her in the sewing room. She sits on a bench at the corner of my office desk with teapot ready for teatime, anytime. I love her mohair sweater, shiny buttons and brooch. And her hat! Oh my! A black velvet hat with roses and feathers to match the black knit collar on her sweater. She is the perfect tea companion. Sarah Jane was a friendship gift from Chris in Washington State. 

* Where's Dolly? (Not to be confused with Where's Waldo?) She has been  moved from her place in the sewing room to the ante room - just through the drapes. The ante room at the top of the stairs is a jumble of shipping boxes, vintage linens, a large roll of batting, and all sorts and sundry things tossed about. Some day I will get to it making it tidy but right now I'm busy sewing and having fun.


The tour is over dear ones. Thank you for stopping by. Please browse through my website and enjoy yourself.