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How to make a Mini-Tea Wallet

Begin my cutting three pieces of fabric 4 1/2" by 8 1/4". 

Fold over the top of one in the same way you did the Friendship Tea Bag. Place it so that the seam is in the center of the short side. Make a loop with 7" of ribbon as shown.
You can see in the pix on the right that the middle piece will hang out the bottom. After you sew around, clip off the excess and open the seam about 2". Turn, press flat.
Now sew around the entire outside edge. Use a decorative stitch if you machine has one. Sew down the center to divide the tea wallet giving it two pockets.
Select a button and sew it in place. Easy are finished!
Make a bunch of Mini Tea Wallets and deduct 10% off the a Fat Stack when you mention you saw the discount on a "How to" page.

No pattern necessary. Easy peasy.

Order what you need to have fun... Email