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DIY Pictorials, Patterns and Sewing Supplies
Yes, I'll make you a Project Kit

Hopefully my photos are good enough so that you won't need a pattern... just stare at the photo. So much of what I do doesn't need a pattern, just thinking and measuring and a cup of tea. 

Have fun. Get sewing! If you have a problem making anything or would like fabric or buttons... email me: or call the office 973-664-0986

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Friendship Tea Bag 

Little Teapot Gift Bag

Little Teapot Sachets

Tea Bag Wallet

Mini-Tea Bag Wallet

Velcro Top Change Purse

Flap Tea Wallet

Loose Leaf Travel Wallet

Teapot Tissue Box

Simple Tissue Box Cover

Tissue Holder 
for purse

Snug Up Tea Cozy 


Page not complete...
Shape & handle from Teapot items; Dome Cozy helps.

Basic Dome Type Cozy 

No page needed.
Use info: Dome Cozy and Ruffle edge see ruffle pillows

Ruffle Heart Pillow

Teapot Pillow

Or...Use Tea Towel as face

Ruffle Square Pillow

Teapot Tote Bag

Teapot Purse

Tea Cup Carrier/Tote
Because the Teapot Purse is really a Tote Bag shaped like a teapot with a flap closure the pictorial instruction page will zigzag you between the Teapot Shaped Tote Bag (above left) and the Tea Cup Carrier Tote Bag (above right).

* * *

Simple Log Cabin Design

Simple Nine Square Design

Triangle to Square Design

Here are a few Mug Mats/Trivets/Table Pads (You choose the name). Some are made with simple Quilt Patterns so that when you get adventurous you can make yourself a snug-up quilt. 

The assembly is the same for all Mug Mats/Trivets/Table Pads:
Stack up (1) Scrap or lining fabric, (2) batting, one or two layers, (3)face up fabric for Mug Mat backside, (4) finished quilt square design face down on top, (5) Pin and sew around leaving an open space for turning, (6) Turn at an open seam space, press, (7) Machine or hand top stitch to close.

No page necessary. Draw a heart and follow basic info.

Teapot Trivet

Placemat is a big Trivet.
Expand pattern 

Bible Book Cover

Kitchy/Craft Apron

Detergent Bottle Dress
 PDF: Scale to fit