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Quilt Patterns with Teatime Theme
Even though I make quilts from my scrap basket I have a deep admiration for those who devote themselves to the quilting art; who piece together, sometimes appliqué heirloom treasures to be saved, shared and enjoyed.

As an encouragement for you who love both tea and quilting I've gathered a few Teatime Quilting Patterns with different  levels of ability. Beginners won't be overwhelmed and you who are skilled won't be bored by simplicity.

If you have questions you can email me or if you'd like to chat call the office at 973-664-0986. Thank you.

Here's the beginning of what I've ordered

As your confidence grows decorate with lace, doilies, tiny buttons. Make a Tea Gift Trivet with a little pocket for a tea bag. 
EASY Pattern for a beginner $6.75

I chose this pattern because it says "Easy" in the upper right hand corner. And then there's that smiling face of encouragement; "Oh yes you can!"

The block is simple enough for you to make trivets, a wall hanging or a quilt.

Use scraps. Begin with a trivet. Once you feel ready... go, go, GO!

Plastic Template included

Excellent supply list. Teapots are charming and could easily be developed into trivets, table runners or an even larger quilt. 
Pattern for a more experienced Quilter $9.95

This pattern requires some fussy cutting, careful piecing and only if you wish appliqué or embroidering to make a lovely wall hanging.

If you are developing skills this might be the next step for you if you have someone to ask for help if needed.

Change the colors to design a quilt that expresses your creativity. 

Pattern for the Advanced Quilter $24.50

This beautiful quilt pattern will produce an heirloom piece for a wedding gift; or perhaps it could be made by a  Quilting Group as a fund raiser for a charity.

This quilt will provide you with many hours of enjoyment and satisfaction if you one of the Seasoned Quilters with developed/advanced skills in following intricate patterns, piecing fabric shapes and tight corner designs, fussy cutting, quilting, embroidery and appliqué.    

More than likely you have a large scrap basket, some fabrics years waiting for the right project. For you... this design will be fun! Scrap basket digging is encouraged. Excellently detailed supply list with color suggestions shown.

Extensive and detailed pattern pieces as well as paper suggestions for English Type Piecing.

This beautiful quilt has a finished size of 68 1/2" by 70 1/2" 

I do have other patterns... right now I need a cup of tea

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