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A few Quilt Photos
My quilts are made from scraps - some call them String Quilts. (Shoe string - as in thrifty)
Mostly my quilts are made in a helter-skelter sort of way, using scraps from projects. That's what makes them so colorful. I have quilts all over my house, on beds, on the backs of chairs - I make them to be used and to be worn out using. Here are pix of a few I've made.

Most of the are double bed or queen sized quilts but I have and do (even now) make smaller ones. The interior stitches are machine and the exterior top stitching is done by hand.

Fellow holding the quilts is my husband Richard.

Occasionally I sew "Just for Fun"

Pinking Edge on Log Cabin Design

First and Last Wedding Ring Quilt

Duvette - 3" Field, 2" Boarder

Appeared in Tea in Texas Magazine

My first Spider Web Quilt

My own version of random life patterns

Table Top Quilt

Folded lap quilt showing ruffled edge.

2" Squares - Just for fun!

Log Cabin in Blues and Yellows

Random Colors - Log Cabin

Fences done with wide strips

Fences Quilt with Triangle Throw over pillow

Fences design Quilt

Richie holing Window Pane/2" squares

Window Pane with 2" squares

Window Pane with 3" squares

Triangle Pattern for Double Bed

Another Triangle Pattern

Made with my husband's ties when he retired

"Strips" quilt w/ teapot and tea cup applique

Made w/customer's Jim Shore Angel Fabric