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 Tea Cup Carriers - Two Choices
A gift to keep or give before the next Tea Party

Teapot Shaped Carrier - $22.00
Tote Style w/Travel Bags - $25.00

Teapot Shaped Tea Cup Carrier is similar to my Teapot Purse. Smaller than the full sized purse and larger than my mini-sized purse, it has a padded divider that allows you to carry the saucer on one side and the cup on the other. Yes, there is room for a Tea Wallet as well.

The two photos above show the inside of the carrier. Two dividers. Plenty of room for your tea cup, tea wallet/tea infuser if you'd like, or any other small tea item that pleases you.

Bespoke/Choose your fabric and I'll happily make this for you. Lace around the edge of the flap is optional as is the little button.

Questions? or to order:

Most of you have your own special traveling tea cup. However, if you are giving the carrier as a gift, why not  choose a tea cup at my Teapot/Tea Cup Rescue site. 

Questions or to Order: