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Cute Gift Bags and Envelopes 

Gift Sacks made from the Tea Canister Fabric - $5.95

I can make them either tall, like the canister or more square. Cute to fill as a quick gift or tea party favor. The ones shown are made with the Tea Canister Fabric. You can tuck in tea bags or anything you'd like!

The bags are 5 3/4" tall by (square) 5 1/4" wide or (shown above) about 4 1/2"

Gift Envelopes - $8.00

These are  8" wide. Perfect for tucking in a antique hankie, a little book, a handful of teabags, a tea strainer, tub teas or even some special soap along with the Gift Card. On the other hand you could keep it for yourself and tuck in your eye glasses, your cell phone, coupons or an emergency nail repair kit. a nice size, slips easily into a purse or travel bag. As for its uses - You are very creative! Choose your fabrics

Visa/Cash Carrier - $15.00
One of my customers asked if I would make her a bag that she could wear close to her body to hold her Visa and a few dollar bills.

This bag has a Velcro closure. It also has a long strap that fits around the neck so that the bag can stay next to the body, under clothing.

Email your order to Grandma@GrandmaRae.com

Email Grandma@GrandmaRae.com to order