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Tissue Holders for Purse and Table

Teapot Tissue Holder

Purse Tissue Holder

Avoid the schrunched up Kleenex at the bottom of your purse. These little tissue holders hold the mini sized Kleenex (or store brand) tissue. Choose your cover fabric and I'll select complimenting fabrics for inside and accent edge. Yes, they are super cute in a Tea Fabric!

Tissue Holders for your Purse are $7.50 ea. They arrive with tissue, ready to use.

Kathy from Texas said...

"Hi Grandma, Wanted to let you know that my sister loved the tissue holder!!!!!!!  I was on the phone with her when she opened it.  She immediately put it in her pocketbook. Like the rest of us she would put tissues loosely into her pocketbook and when she wants to use one it's either ripped or some kind of fuzz is on the tissue, so yes, she really liked it, and said your work is beautiful!  So thanks again!

Order a Tissue Holder today