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Very Sweet Cup of Tea Note Cards

Kimberly Shaw "Cup of Tea" Cards are $2.95
Card arrives in an envelope for mailing or use as a Tea Favor.
Original Art Work... Please, do not copy.
Cards are 5.5" wide and 4.25" tall. 
Please order by Card number.

Page 3
Page 4

All Note Cards on this page have a message inside

Card w/Saying #13
"Thank You" Warm Tea Cup Design
with Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea

" I am forever grateful."

Card w/Saying #14
"Thank You Teacher" Chintz Tea Cup 
with Harney & Sons English Breakfast Tea

"Thank you for your dedication.
You are appreciated. "

Card w/Saying #15
Blue Willow Happy Birthday Teapot Design
with Harney & Sons Lemon Herbal Tea

"A gift of tea to wish you a
Happy Birthday"

Card w/Saying #16
Special Birthday 
w/Harney & Sons Ceylon & India PekoeTea

"To you on your Special Day
Happy Birthday"

Card w/Saying #17
"Appreciation " Sunflower Teapot 
with Harney & Sons Jasmine Tea

"You make my world brighter."

Card w/Saying #18
"You are Loved" Tea Cup Design
with Harney & Sons Raspberry Herbal Tea

"You are in my heart and thoughts today.

Card w/Saying #19
"With Deepest Sympathy" Tea Cup 
with Harney & Sons Decaf Ceylon Tea

"May Your Cup Always be Full with
The Momories You Cherish.

Card w/Saying #20
Comfort in time of Loss  Teatime Design
w/Harney & Sons Jasmine Green Tea

May you find comfort in knowing
you are not alone at this difficult time"

Choose 2 Card #21
"Here Comes Scottie" Thistle Tea Cup Design
with Harney & Sons Black Currant  Tea

" Add a wee bit of cream to this gift from me,
or a lump of sugar, it's time for tea."

Choose 2 Card #22
Bright Appreciation Mums  Teapot Design
with Harney & Sons Raspberry Herbal Tea

"Because of the generous seeds you have lovingly sown, many blossom. You are appreciated."

Card w/Saying #23
"Thank You" Teatime Design
with Harney & Sons Raspberry Herbal Tea

"Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated."

Card w/Saying #24
Friendship Birds Thank You Tea Cup 
with Harney & Sons Earl Grey  Tea

" very much."

Each Kimberly Shaw card has original designs. (Please do not copy.) Cards are printed in the USA on Recycled Paper and each has a Harney & Sons Tea Bag gift enclosure to share with a friend.