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Cross Back Apron Pattern - Apron Face
YES, You can do this!

Things to consider before you begin... First Tea!

You'll need 2 "Fat Yards" (40") of each fabric to make the apron reversible.

You may need a bit more of each if the fabric has a definite pattern.

Make a fabric pattern from Muslin, old sheets. Fabric patterns lay flat on fabric when you go to cut your apron.

This sketch is a guide. The arrow placement and shape do not truly represent your completed pattern piece. 
To insure your confidence and success use a piece of fabric that it at least 37" wide and 39" long. Press flat.

The widest measurement of the pattern is 27". It is also the width of the bottom of the apron's face. You can easily center the pattern piece by scribing a line 5" off each side of the bottom of your fabric. Draw a line from one end of the scribe line to the other about 3" off the bottom. Width and bottom measurement done. Good!

Now you will make a vertical center measurement which will be the starting point of the rest of your measurements.

Find the center point of the apron bottom/width line. Now measure up 30". Mark this point. It will be the center of the neck swoop. Now measure up 8" up from that point and make another mark. Your center point line is complete. Now go make a fresh cup of tea before you continue. Maybe grab a cookie as well. 

Draw the shoulder straps and neck opening. Measure over 4" on each side of the top of the center line you just completed. You will have a 8" by 8" neck opening. Draw a curved (or squared off) line to complete the neck area. Draw a 3 1/4" line both left and right. Good! Neck opening and shoulder strap top are done.

Measure down 14" from the top of each shoulder strap and put a tick mark. Go back to your center line and measure left and right 10" on either side. Draw a line down and slightly curved out until the two measurements meet. Math wise it's about 3" on each side. Complete the line. Wonderful!

The side seam that results will be about 20 3/4" from that point to the bottom of the apron. Oh my goodness! Aren't you clever! Another cookie is in order.

Now heavy mark the outer edges and cut. Once you have made the other pattern piece I strongly suggest you cut and sew a single side dummy apron to check dimensions. Adjust any measurements so that your pattern will be just for YOU.


Good job!!

Now make the back pattern piece

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