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I purchase fabrics thru wholesalers who carry various manufacturers.

If you have a question about a fabric, please ask. I'm happy to help.

Here are some names: 

Robert Kaufman
Henry Glass
Timeless Treasurers
Michael Miller
Lakehouse Drygoods
Studio E

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Fabrics are 100% cotton, 42" wide. 
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Let's Make a "I'm a little Teapot" Book!

I'm a Little Teapot Short and Stout
Here is my handle, Here is my spout.
When I get all steamed up hear me shout,
"Tip me over! Pour me out!"

This fabric makes into a cute little book!
Such fun!

Let's Make a "I'm a little Teapot" Book! Fabric Cut w/instructions $9.95

*Sample shows handle with "my" fabric. 

Let's Make a Table Topper, Wall Hanging and Mug Mats

Sewing Room Fun Fabric
The width of the fabric has two 22" high sewing theme blocks. Wonderful wall hangings, table pieces or creative fun for you. Blocks shown below

A few things made with this Fabric

This fabric not sold by yard. Blocks are NOT sold separately. Cost is $9.95 for one 22" length with two/block width.

Close Up of Left Side Block

Close Up of Right Side block

Let's Make a "Sew Much Fun" Throw Quilt

Sew Much Fun Fabric
Twelve designs (12) complete the design. Makes into a wall hanging or toss quilt. I haven't gotten around to it but I'm planning on enjoying top stitching and decorating.

This fabric is not sold by the yard. Cost of one cut with all 12 designs is $12.