The Fabric of Friendship is Yours to Share!

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Tea Sayings for the Fun of it!
I think it will be fun to tack these little sayings on a Tea Gift. Choose from one of the sayings or banners you see OR create your own saying. I'm happy to help you personalize any gift.
There is nothing in life
that cannot be solved by
a cup of tea with a friend.

Tea warms the body and
strengthens the soul.
When serving tea, friendship
is better than fine china.


Great thoughts come
from a quiet cup of tea.

Life is like a pot of tea
It's all in how you make it.
Problems solved easily
Add tea and scones.
Wisdom is brewed here.
Just add water!
Pour the Tea...
Let's see what happens.

Tea turns the world
When life gets tough,
the tough grab the kettle.
Friendship and tea...
Millions of bits &
a lot of hot water
make a good, strong brew
Never trust anyone who,
when left alone with a tea cozy,
doesn't try it on.

A wise woman is never far
from her teapot
A Cup of Tea – You and me.
Sitting, Sipping Happily!
Real friends listen with their hearts
"Carrying On" is easier
with a cup of tea.
Pour the tea!
Let's chat you and me!
There's always time for
another cup of tea.
 When God created tea
He said it was 
A friend is someone who knows how to be long on love and short on memory.

Past, Present and Future
Are in a cup of tea shared with a friend.
You can never have too many teapots
Or too many friends.

Teatime doesn't end when the pot is empty.
You carry it in your heart.
A friend knows the song in your heart
and sings it when my memory fades.

True Friends ignore chips in your tea cups.


A good woman is like a cup of tea.
The Stronger, The Better!


I'm never in so much of a hurry.
That I can't have a cup of tea and laughter.

A cup of tea, a prayer or two,
Blessed moments shared with you.


Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Friend of mine!
Happy Birthday to you!
Life is like a tea cup,
to be filled to the brim and enjoyed with friends.
A woman is like a Tea Kettle...
When she's up to her neck in hot water...
She sings.
A woman is wealthy when
she has tea with a friend
When the last drop is emptied from the cup,
Friendship fills it again to the brim.
I'm a little teapot short and stout.
Here is my handle, here is my spout.
When I get all steamed up then I shout.
Tip me over! Pour me out!


A woman is like a teabag,
It is only when she’s in hot water
You realize how strong she is!
You have poured your sweetness into my life.
Thank you for being my friend.
Friends are the Golden Threads in the tapestry of life. I am happy to call you Friend
Today we cannot sit and chat the way we liked to do. So brew yourself a cup of tea. You think of me. I'll think of you.
A cup of tea is the beginning of all great things -
Great ideas, great friendships, great living.

She who warms the pot encourages friendship and she who pours tea gathers love.