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Welcome Quilters, Crafters & Tea Drinking Friends!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by,

Make a cup of tea and enjoy your browse. I have lots to share. I've had a wonderful time putting this website together for you.

If you find something you'd like, please email me OR if you are in a real hurry, call me in my sewing room 973-664-0986 .

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Old Fashioned Shopping - chatting, listening and sharing.

Tea Crafting idea sent in by Chris.
Thank you Chris.

Pour a cup of tea and
Have a lovely browse...

Cutest Teapot Purse Ever!

A page filled with Tea Wallets

Let's make a "I'm a Little Teapot" book

DIY! Ruffle Edge Cozy 

Having tea with friends fills a spot in my heart. Tea Time for me is not a lovely table or perfectly made sandwiches and desserts. Tea Time is the fragrance of friendship its the aroma of lives shared and the sweetness of sisterhood - bonds that cannot be broken by time, economic circumstances, health situations or lifestyle changes.

Enjoy your browse. Encourage friendship and gather love.

Thanks again for stopping by
Grandma Rae

Tea Fabrics & Quilt Kits for Us Tea Drinking Quilters.
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