The Fabric of Friendship is Yours to Share!

Hello Tea Drinking Friends, Quilters & Sewing Room Lovers -

After 17 years I have closed my business and will no longer be selling teapot buttons or fabrics; nor will I be offering samples or tea/scripture stationary. 

Finally THANK YOU all for your prayers, kind words of encouragement and your business. Some of you I have know from the beginning others are new friends. Even so, I will remember you and keep you in my heart. Time spent with you has been such fun for me.

God bless you,

Grandma Rae

Having tea with friends fills a spot in the heart perhaps in the soul.

Tea Time is not the lovely table, beautiful china or flowers or the perfectly made sandwiches and elegant desserts.

Tea Time is the fragrance of friendship its the aroma of lives shared and the sweetness of sisterhood - bonds that cannot be broken by time, economic circumstances, health situations or lifestyle changes.

Tea Time can be texted, emailed, zoomed, shared in a parking lot, sewing room or backyard. Hugs, laughter, stories, tears and remembrances are part of Tea Time.

Tea Time is life in all its gloriously sticky, gooey, chocolate on my fingers and face messy wonderfulness.

I lift my cup to you!