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How to make a Simple Nine Square Mug Mat/Trivet
Nine Squares are usually done with contrasting fabrics. This trivet begins with 3" squares. You can size the squares up or down. I have made Nine Square Quilts in 2", 3" and 4" squares.

If you would like an outside boarder, cut a 2" or 3" strip depending on the finished size you wish to achieve.

You will also need fabric for the back, batting and fabric lining (if you choose)
The pix above shows the first matching of squares. I used a 1/4" seam and pressed it flat.

The pix on the right shows a matching technique. Once the centers are lined up, pin both sides of the match and sew.

As you can see from the pix below, once you have matched the "Two Squares" in a line you make a "Three Square" to finish off the pattern.
This is an easy project. I think pressing the seam at each point in the process is important. Pressing makes matching the intersections easier. I choose to use an iron rather than "Finger Press." The fabric is more flat making the task easier and the finished product better.

I've made large trivet using a boarder. You can sew a large trivet without a boarder by beginning with larger squares. You can see by the pattern of the boarder pieces, the two shorter ones are sewn first and then the longer ones.

I like to put a piece of lining fabric under the batting because I don't like the fuzz from the batting clogging my machine.

You can see I've used two pieces of batting. I wanted you to know that you can use up your scraps.

I always cut the back piece just a little bit larger than it needs to be so that when I lay on the top and pin I'm sure there is coverage. Seam around 1/4" but leave an opening to turn inside out. Clip you seam up to the opening but not through it. That makes closure easier.
This Trivet is 9 1/4" square. I've chosen to hand-stitch the opening after turning and pressing. You can do that or if you'd like, top-stitch around the outside edge.

Top-stitching accent is on the outside boarder of the Nine Square. If you'd like you can stitch all seams for accent.

Yes, the boarder fabric can be in either fabric OR a third. Use your creativity and have fun sewing.

Order what you need to have fun... Email Grandma@GrandmaRae.com