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Quilting Kits for Us Tea Drinkers
As you know from my Teapot Quilt Adventure I don't always follow the directions. Many of you have benefited from my detour. Nevertheless, I have quilt kits to share and more kits on the way.

I've moved the Quilt Pattern Books to the Miscellaneous Sample Sale pages.

Last year I purchased a bunch of Lori Holt's Teapots Quilt Kit. They are ALL GONE; but the joy lingers on.

I don't like to copy other people's work. I used her instructions as a project guide and some of the kit's fabrics mixed with mine. I changed the dimensions to fit the display space I had decided. Lots and lots of fun!
Here's the link to a lot of Teapot quilting fun!

Lori Holt Design Quilt
Riley Blake supplied image
Boxed Quilt Kit is  $80.75

Lori Holt designs are crisp, colorful treasures to make for someone or keep as a family heirloom. Her kits arrive in a keepsake box which comes in handy for spools of thread, buttons, sachets or whatever trinket you'd like to save. (I haven't gotten around to this quilt yet. Looks like wonderful fun.)

The top two pix show the Quilt Kit with its various fabrics and patterns. 
Quilt's Finished size is 56" X 72"

Lori Holt Design Runner
Riley Blake supplied image

Companion Boxed Runner Kit is  $48.75

There is also Lovely Keepsake Box. I took a pix of the back of the wrapped fabric pack so you could see the variety of fabrics. As with all kits this Table Runner Kit has fabrics, instruction sheet and fun included.

Table Runner's Finished size is 30" X 62"


Stacey West Blessed Sampler Design
Image supplied by Buttermilk Basin

Blessed beyond Measure Sampler Quilt Boxed Kit; Beyond Measure by Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin Design Co. Yes, the individual design blocks are are intricate and will test your quilting ability. Arrives in a Keepsake Box. Fabrics and instruction book shown

Quilt's Finished size is 53" X 66"

Boxed Kit is  $80.75

Kit w/ Keepsake Box - Image supplied
I'm thinking of adding a few more fabrics and turning this into a Lap Quilt. FUN!
Jane Austen at Home Pillow Cover
Kit is $30.50

Fabrics included in kit:
16 squares of various Jane Austen Prints
1 piece Navy Dot Fabric 18" x 21"
1 piece Blue Floral Fabric 18" x 21"
1/2 yard of Correspondence Design Fabric


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