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This is a page of Retro Look Dome Cozy Samples 
ALL Cozies shown here are $15.75

Each Retro Look Cozy is Reversible. It's like getting TWO Cozies!
If you don't see something you like, check back in a week or two.
Perhaps there will be a Retro Look Cozy that pleases you.

Email your order to

Tea Cozies
Tea Cozies
Retro Dome Style
Teapot Purses
Tea Wallets (#1)
Tea Wallets (#2)
Cross Back Aprons
Page 1
Cross Back Aprons
Page 2

Sample Sale #1 (Reverse/Tossed Cups) 

Sample Sale #2 (Reversible/Shown Cuffed) 

Sample Sale #3 (Bright Tea Plates)

Sample Sale #4 (Reverse/Tossed Mugs)

Sample Sale #5 (Reverse/Shown Cuffed)

Sample Sale #6 (Reversible/Shown Cuffed)

Sample Sale #7 (Reverse/Doily Lavender)

Sample Sale #8 (Reversible/Tea Bag Dance) 

Sample Sale #9 (Reverse/Tossed Cups)

Sample Sale #10 (Reverse/Tossed Cups)

Go to this page to find
MORE Sample Sale Tea Cozies
Snug Up Style