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How to make a Tea Carrier/Tote

The shape is easy to duplicate. You can make it larger for a Book Tote or smaller for a Gift Bag. Choose two fabrics; scrap lining and batting will also be needed. Cut two pattern pieces of each the face fabric, interior fabric, lining and batting. 
Cut one strip of fabric, 4" wide by the full 42" width. Fold the edges into the center and then fold in half. If you feel the need, press and pin the strip. If not, simple top stitch along the open end and then down the end with the fold. Cut this strip in half so you will have two strips 21" long.
Make a "sandwich" with the interior  fabric, batting and scrap lining. Pin and sew the two straight sides and the bottom. Since I plan on making travel bags for the tea cup, I don't usually make a batting sandwich with the face fabric. However you must sew the straights before making the box bottom. 
To make the box bottoms, match the side  seam with the bottom seam center to center. Turn the face fabric box right side out and marry it with the other box.

The pix below shows that both fabrics are folded in and pinned all around. Take care to match the side seams.
Insert each of the two handles opposite each other and pin them in place. Sew around the top using either a straight or decorative stitch. You may or may not wish to use a ribbon loop closure.
The travel bags can be made with both fabrics or another accenting fabric. The size of the bags depends on the size of beginning rectangles. Sew the fabrics face to face at the top. Fold it onto itself and then sew around the three sides.
Open a portion of the bottom seam to turn this inside out. Sew the opening closed before you push the bag together. Press where the contrasting fabrics meet and sew with straight or decorative stitch. 

Cuff the bag to show off the contrast.
Here's how the finished project looks. I just happened to have a cup with that wonderful blue.

A Tea Wallet made with matching or contrasting fabric finishes off the project. 
The only difference between the Tote Bag on the left and the Tea Cup Carrier is the height and if you choose the width. Construction is the same.

Sew on image or outside pocket before assembly. 

Have fun sewing!


Order what you need to have fun... Email Grandma@GrandmaRae.com