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 Tea Crafting for the fun of it!

Oh my goodness! You're so clever!
Thank you for sharing your talents
and for encouraging others.
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Covid Style Teddy Bear Picnic

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Beautiful, Unique, Creative...
Thank you Felicity for sharing your talents.

Felicity said this
"My efforts start off as vague ideas and sort of grow along the way;
I always enjoy the surprise when they’re finally done because
I have no clue at the beginning as to how they’ll look at the end

After Felicity purchased some teapot buttons for one of her wreath projects she sent me a pix of the Wizard of Oz wreath (See below) see would be entering in a San Diego County Fair. Of course I fainted when I saw it. How beautiful! and then...she sent photos she thought more appropriate to us Tea Gals.

Wizard of Oz Wreath

Hi Grandma Rae,
Thank your so much for your very kind words about my Wizard of Oz effort. I’m not sure if I sent these three  “Tea Wreaths” to you. They are a much more up your alley than than than my wizard one. The Red Riding Hood one is still tea themed because I used a Little Red Riding Hood tea-set though it’s a bit difficult to pick it out in the photo. A friend asked me to use it in a wreath for her granddaughter. It wasn’t easy to build a wreath around it but it turned out pretty well. Hope you enjoy this.