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Make a Cute Little Gift Bag Tote from
a Tea Towel Design or any other fabric you'd like

I purchased a bunch of Tea Towels and thought it would be fun to make little gift bags using the design. The imprint is muted, vintage looking. Pretty.

If you are going to have fun sewing use any Tea Towel with a design! 

I began with the pansy cup. Too cute!

Lay out the towel and cut 4 rectangle pieces that are 8" wide and 7" tall. Take care that the teacup is towards the center of the rectangle.

The rectangle with the pansy print plus one other will be the outside of the gift bag. The other two rectangles make up a finished looking inside of the bag.

Also cut a strip 1" wide and 12" long. This will be the handle. (see below)
See the little vine print? I made sure that it was on the handle and also the back side of the gift bag. Adds to the sweetness.

Pair up the rectangles, face to face. Pin to secure.

The bottom corner 1" cut helps to make a flat bottom for the gift bag. Sew down the sides and bottom as shown.

Before you turn this inside out, match up the center of the side seam with the center of the bottom seam. Sew across.

Turn inside out and it will make a "box like" bottom and will look as shown

Now marry the two sections making sure the seams are facing each other. As you can see I have tucked in the rop edges, pinned and inserted the handle.

I used a decorative stitch to close the top but you can use a straight stitch as well. 

Fill as a gift or keep for yourself. 

Now use this technique to make tote bags of any size. Choose your fabric, enlarge the dimensions, change the strap position and width to balance size of your creation .

I chose to use the Market Tote to encourage you to create. Ribbing on top is just round and round top stitching. Long Straps to bottom seam are made beginning with 4" wide strips sewn down to keep in place and add to sturdiness. YES YOU CAN!